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LeTort Regional Authority

LeTort Regional Authority

letortThe mission of the LeTort Regional Authority is “to protect and preserve the LeTort Spring Run and its watershed by promoting flood control and developing access and recreational opportunities within the watershed.” Goals include the minimizing flooding, improving water quality, restoring the natural conditions of the watershed, and providing opportunities for public involvement and education regarding the use and understanding of the watershed’s resources. The group was established in 1973 by citizens of the area who wanted to preserve the LeTort Spring Run.

LeTort Regional Authority supports the sustainability and livability of the Greater Carlisle Area in the following ways:

  • Minimizing storm water flooding and protecting and enhancing water quality.
  • Providing public education and involvement opportunities in the use and understanding of the watershed’s resources.
  • Engendering a sense of community responsibility for all resources within the watershed.
  • Improving short and long-term financial viability of the Authority.

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