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Greater Carlisle Project

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The Greater Carlisle Project is an unincorporated nonprofit association of people, organizations, faith groups, schools, businesses and local governments working together to improve the quality of life for all people in the communities of the Greater Carlisle Area. Our approach is to enhance long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability by connecting and enhancing community assets. The communities of the Greater Carlisle Area include Carlisle, Dickinson, Middlesex, Mount Holly Springs, Newville, North Middleton, South Middleton, and West Pennsboro. The Greater Carlisle Project provides a forum for members of these communities to voice ideas for the future of our region, increases the visibility of efforts and organizations that are making our communities more sustainable, collects and shares information, helps member organizations to locate, access and mobilize resources, champions initiatives and projects, and celebrates successes.


Join GCP

You can join the Greater Carlisle Project as an individual or an organization (or both!) to help make our communities better, more sustainable places to live, work, raise families and play. To learn more, go to Join GCP.


Why is the Greater Carlisle Project needed?

The Greater Carlisle Area is fortunate to have many organizations and individuals helping build community assets that are critical to the wellbeing of people in our communities. Often their work focuses on enhancing a particular type of community asset such as housing, job opportunities, job skills, transportation, retail infrastructure, arts, education, health, food security, youth programs, air quality, water quality or recreation. Many serve a single township or borough, all of Cumberland County, or multiple counties of south-central Pennsylvania. But no organization connects people, organizations, businesses and public agencies to work holistically across multiple areas of strength and need with a focus on all the communities of the Greater Carlisle Area. The Greater Carlisle Project fills this need, seeking to amplify and connect the positive impacts of the many organizations that serve our area.


GCP Calendar of Events

Check back here for upcoming community events!