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Priorities of the Greater Carlisle Project


The eight priority areas stem from the vision of The Greater Carlisle Project. The vision of the GCP is a future in which all residents live rich, meaningful lives supported by community assets. The priority areas can be used to narrow searches on the interactive map. For example, by clicking on “Food and Farms” below, you can see community businesses or organizations that classify themselves as relating to “Food and Farms”. Groups are able to cross-list their priority areas.

Priority areas include:

Community: We celebrate diverse communities that are welcoming, inclusive, just, safe and full of life.

Cultural Heritage, Arts & Recreation: We value our region’s rich heritage, vibrant small towns, rural landscapes and growing arts, cultural and recreational opportunities that meet the needs of our diverse residents and visitors.

Economic Development & Jobs: We create family sustaining jobs that enable a vibrant quality of life for all residents. We actively support our existing businesses and seek new opportunities for economic development.

Education: We treasure the quality and diversity of our educational institutions and support their collaboration with each other and with the wider community to promote and inspire continual learning and innovation.

Energy and Transportation: We embrace energy conservation, more efficient homes, buildings and vehicles, expanded transportation options and clean energy that advance environmental, social and economic sustainability goals.

Food and Farms: We champion our farmers’ success as stewards of our agricultural landscape who feed our communities with healthy, nutritious local food.

Green Spaces, Blue Waters, & Clear Skies: We live in a landscape that is rich in parks, green spaces, farms, hiking and biking trails, water trails and diverse wildlife. We are sustained by clean air, clean water, and resilient and healthy forests, wetlands and streams.

Housing, Health, & Human Services: We support good health, human dignity and quality, affordable housing as they relate to all aspects of physical, mental and social wellbeing.