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Increasing Resilience


The Greater Carlisle Project will develop recommendations for increasing community resilience, work with others to advocate for their implementation and help build the relationships and community cooperation that are essential characteristics of a resilient community. We already know some of the things that build resilience, and those that erode resilience, and these can help us get started.

What builds resilience?

  •  A sense of community, inclusion, belonging and trust
  • Active public participation by all constituencies of our community
  • Diverse and robust businesses, non-profits and public agencies
  • Strong collaboration
  • Good communication
  • Effective leadership, planning and governance
  • Investments in infrastructure, public facilities and institutions
  • Protection of air, water, and green spaces

What erodes resilience?

  • Alienation, bias, discrimination and distrust
  • Apathy, low participation
  • Weak businesses, non-profits and public agencies
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Poor communication
  • Poor leadership, planning and governance
  • Lack of investments in infrastructure, public facilities, institutions
  • Degraded air, water and land