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Waste Not Energy Advisors LLC

Waste Not Energy Advisors LLC

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  • Waste Not Energy Advisors LLC
  • 209 Hamilton Street Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvania 17102
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Blower door testing, R-value, interstitial spaces, shading coefficient, leaky envelope, and infrared thermography may be new and confusing terms to you, but all of these things are part of a professional energy audit that will provide information about how the house measures up in terms of energy use. Waste Not Energy Advisors LLC conducts energy audits and develops strategies to reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings.

Improving the performance of a building starts by locating air leaks. The energy audit is the first step in gathering critical information that will help them to create a plan for improving the customer’s home safety, health, durability, and energy efficiency.

Besides general business consulting and planning, Waste Not Energy Advisors LLC also offers a variety of courses on energy conservation throughout Pennsylvania.