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The Carlisle Indian School Historical Site

The Carlisle Indian School Historical Site

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  • Carlisle Indian School Historic Site
  • 21 N. Pitt Street Carlisle, PA 17013
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The Carlisle Indian School is an important piece of Carlisle’s history. The school was built on the current site of the Carlisle Barracks in the late 1800s. From 1879-1918 more than 10,000 Native American children were brought to the school with the intention of integrating them into white society. They were taught academics for one half of the day and trades for the other half.

While this does not necessarily represent a positive time in Carlisle’s history, it is an important part of American and Carlisle history and it should not be ignored.  As we continue to foster a growing and diverse community in Carlisle, we must remember our history and where we came from. Carlisle has a rich history sprinkled with proud moments and rough times. We can learn from both the good and the bad in our history and continue to incorporate it into the community that we are.

Students, residents, and tourists can visit the Carlisle Indian school and learn about this moment in Carlisle’s history. You can pick up a guided walking tour at the Cumberland County Visitor’s Center on W. High street.